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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Urbanabur - Urbanabur | Chicago | Top 5 Restaurants to Check Out

Urbanabur - Urbanabur | Chicago | Top 5 Restaurants to Check Out

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Urbanabur - Urbanabur | Chicago | Zoolights at Brookfield Zoo

Urbanabur - Urbanabur | Chicago | Zoolights at Brookfield Zoo

Urbanabur - Urbanabur | Chicago Botanic Gardens | Holiday Lights

Urbanabur - Urbanabur | Chicago Botanic Gardens | Holiday Lights

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grayslake business owners fed up with rising school taxes

Grayslake business owners fed up with rising school taxes
AS ARE business and homeowners everywhere!!!!..  Time to pass school costs deficits to PARENTS OF STUDENTS and not the community at large!  Have you ever really looked at your assessment to determine the percentages going to schools, not to mention local governments, where it seems the ONLY mentality is to keep on building 'Taj Mahal' Village Halls and Police Stations.  Why don't villages  utilize vacant commercial space, thereby decreasing commercial vacancies in their towns?

Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Factors Property Buyers Should Know

The Broker chosen by a buyer to assist in their property search and represent their interests is more important than one might think. 
In securing their land, home or building purchase there are always factors that affect buyers emotionally and financially, but some factors can have negative consequences that extend far in to the future. 

Choosing the wrong Broker from the start point won’t just affect this purchase but the next few property acquisitions, as well as potential long-term financial security.   

When weighing out these factors that an Broker usually has influences over, it should demonstrate how important the decision about WHO REPRESENTS their interests can affect them for many years to come:
  1. The home you select
  2. The long term appreciation you generate through your home
  3. Your financial position years down the road
  4. Your ability to avoid legal pitfalls
  5. How your offer is presented
  6. The financing you receive
  7. The stress you experience through the transaction
  8. The timeliness of the closing.
  9. The communication during and after the transaction
  10. The price you pay for a home
Doesn't it make sense to say that it fundamentally matters whom you select to represent your interests?"

By selecting the wrong agent can cause two, three, five or even more of these to be heavily negative for buyers.

Our team(s) have developed a process to ensure all buying factors are in your favor whether you are looking at residential property, commercial property or are an investor.

Are All Real Estate Brokers the Same?

Have you ever heard a real estate Broker discount others in their field by saying ‘we are all the same’?  The value perceived and received from Broker’s that are not part of the ‘same mold’ is a simple concept with 3 Key facts;
  1. All real estate agents are not the same.
  2. It really matters who represents your interests.
  3. My market knowledge is superior to other agents'.
Just as all cars and car dealerships differ greatly, preconceived opinions or beliefs that Brokers come from the same molds must be challenged.   

While many Brokers might want to peddle listings, throw the client in a car and sell them a home or building as soon as possible other agents (Brokers) have different methods, philosophies and higher standards of service.

The profound difference in Brokers results from each licensee operating independently and all will approach business in different ways and methods.  The winning eight attributes to a great Broker must include attitude, communication, understanding objectives, confidence, and experience, negotiating skills, strategy and ultimately successful results.

Spending some time with clients up front before heading out to view listings provides the best opportunity to clearly define objectives on both sides. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

HOA's Need to be MORE Responsible

Reviewing many different Condo Association Rules and Regulations, many are trying to not only reinforce rules that have been in place for a long time or get the attention of those still ignorant to what it means to live within a Condo or Homeowners Association.  MOST Boards however are NOT addressing the situation of vacant homes due to foreclosure, abandonment, etc.  My own condo board has sent out the new Rules-Regs of the Association, at THIS point in time, it seems the Association s/b making certain that ANY home NOT occupied, and owned by bank or in foreclosure where the owner is NOT present, the grass s/b done cut  by the Association landscaper. THE FACT THAT 1 or 2 homeowners surrounding these homes ends up having to maintain the lawn ALL SUMMER LONG has gotten very old after 4 years of this and will NOT BE DONE this spring as the grass begins to grow.  Still waiting for BOA to show up after reporting a water line break at a neighboring home one month ago. Imagine if we were in multiple level condos.